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What Are The Benefits Of A Vitamin C Injection?

2022-06-08 Hits: 39 views

Vitamin C injection is very important for healthy bones, tissues and veins, and helps to produce red blood cells. In addition, scurvy disease caused by vitamin C injection deficiency is treated by providing sufficient amount of scurvy to the body from external sources. Ascorbic acid is used in this treatment. It also contributes to better iron absorption in the body.


Vitamin C injection is a vitamin absorbed by human body from different food sources, mainly from citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, kiwis, pawpaw and other different vegetables. If you have hemochromatosis or iron overload, or any kind of complications related to kidney calculi in the past, you should not take vitamin C injection.


Vitamin C injection is safe, when you take the appropriate dose according to your body’s needs according to the doctor’s regulations. However, overdose, improper administration or allergic tendency will produce side effects in the body. Some side effects are-nausea, diarrhea, joint pain, weakness, weight loss, stomach upset, stomach cramps, urination pain, fever, shivering, etc.


Aluminum in antacids may react with ascorbic acid, so you need to consult your doctor about the procedure of eating both. Overdose symptoms include kidney calculi, nausea, gastritis and diarrhea. Forced rehydration for diuresis may be useful after large intake.


Take it exactly as instructed; Do not take more than the recommended dose. Do not chew or crush sustained-release tablets. Oral dose, take it with 8 ounces of water. Patients with diabetes should use serum glucose monitoring method. Report pain when urinating, fainting or hypochondriac pain.


The information given here is based on the salt content of the drug. The use and effect of this medicine may vary from person to person. It is recommended to consult an internal medicine expert before using this medicine.


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