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Therapeutic indications of vitamin B1 injection

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Vitamin B1 injection hydrochloride injection can effectively treat vitamin B1 injection deficiency or beriberi, whether it is dry (main symptoms related to nervous system) or wet (main symptoms related to cardiovascular system). Vitamin B1 hydrochloride injection should be used in places where rapid recovery of vitamin B1 injection is needed, such as Wernicke encephalopathy, infantile beriberi with acute collapse, cardiovascular diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin B1 injection or neuritis during pregnancy (if vomiting is severe). When vitamin B1 is given to individuals in marginal state for intravenous glucose injection, intravenous injection should also be carried out to avoid the precipitation of heart failure.

Vitamin B1 hydrochloride injection is also suitable for patients with confirmed vitamin B1 injection deficiency, who can’t take vitamin B1 injection orally because of severe anorexia, nausea, vomiting or malabsorption. Vitamin B1 hydrochloride injection is usually not suitable for oral intake reduction or gastrointestinal absorption reduction, because multivitamins should usually be given.

Vitamins are essential compounds for growth and health. They only need a small amount and usually exist in the food you eat. Vitamin B 1 injection (vitamin B1) is necessary for carbohydrate decomposition.

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Some conditions may increase your need for vitamin B1 injection. These include:

Diarrhea (continued)
Fever (continued)
Diseases (continued)
Intestines problem
Pressure (continue)
Surgical resection of stomach
In addition, the following people may be deficient in vitamin B1 injection:

Patients using artificial kidney (hemodialysis)
Individuals engaged in heavy physical labor every day
Increased demand for vitamin B1 injection should be determined by your healthcare professional.

Component part
The main ingredient of this product is vitamin B1.

This product is colorless and clear liquid.

Adverse effect
Attention should be paid to allergic reactions during high-dose intramuscular injection, such as dysphagia, itchy skin, edema of face, lips and eyelids, wheezing, etc.

Matters need attention

1. Occasionally allergic reaction occurs during injection, so it should be used with caution for those with allergic constitution.

2. The determination of serum theophylline concentration may be disturbed during high-dose application; The uric acid concentration can be pseudo-increased; Urinary origin can be false positive.

Drug interaction
This product is easy to decompose in alkaline solution, and it is easy to deteriorate when combined with alkaline drugs such as sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate.
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